About us

The idea behind the Horse and Hunk calendar

Horse and hunk is the horse calendar with beautiful men!

The idea for the Horse and Hunk calendar originated in 2009. In the last year of the course ‘Hippische Bedrijfskunde’ at the Christelijk Agrarische Hogeschool in Dronten, attention was paid to the competence ‘entrepreneurship’. After a brainstorming session, the idea for the Horse and Hunk calendar was born. There are already many calendars with beautiful women, but not enough with beautiful men. The Horse and Hunk calendar brings together two passions: a passion for tough men and for beautiful horses. Exactly what you want. Due to its great success, the Horse and Hunk calendar was declared the best ‘Student Company’ of Dronten in 2010.

We choose to donate a part of the proceeds every year to Brooke Hospital for Animals.

Fianne Imminga

The Horse and Hunk calendar actually started as a nice idea, but after all these years it has become more and more professional. One of the best things about Horse and Hunk is that you start with nothing, but you know where you want to end up. It makes you creative and keeps you on your toes. Without money, you have to think about how you can achieve your goals in a creative way. The big advantage of this is that the people you work with do it because they like it. The motivation during a shoot is therefore high, which results in a good atmosphere. Since we work mainly on the basis of exchanges, you end up with people who really have a passion for their profession.

Besides that, I have been a member of Brooke Hospital for Animals since I was a little kid. They do a lot of good things in countries where horses and donkeys really need it. Personally it gives me a very good feeling that with the calendar we also support a good cause, that is an extra motivation!

At Horse and Hunk I do all the daily work, from organising the photo shoots to marketing. Of course, I also ride horses, how could it be otherwise!

Felicia Heres

Since 2022, I have been supporting Horse and Hunk from my company Equine Web Services with the sales of the calendar and the processing of orders. I have been riding horses since I was 5 years old, have worked in equestrian sports and am also a freelance horse photographer.

Besides that, I have been a volunteer for the Dutch animal protection for years, so I found it very nice to support Brooke Hospital for Animals through Horse and Hunk.