Brooke Hospital for Animals

The life of pack animals in countries like India or Egypt is terrible. They have to work in extremely high temperatures, they are neglected, and they are physically abused. The owners of the animals are often poverty-stricken people who have trouble to take care of themselves, which hinders them to sufficiently take care of their animals. The fate of these people and their animals is of great concern of Brooke Hospital for Animals. By giving free veterinary help, Brooke Hospital for Animals is involved in the care of half a million work horses and donkeys annually.

Information campaigns concerning the wellbeing of the animals has been developed to inform their owners. The dedicated vets of Brooke are inhabitants of the country where they are working, so they are familiar with the problems in the associated region. The goal is to help millions of animals where it is needed the most using solutions that have been proven to be sustainable. To accomplish this, Brooke runs several veterinary clinic. This is complemented by partnerships with local animal aid organizations and by sharing the problems and solutions that they encounter.

The important work done by the veterinarians of Brooke is enabled by donations from England, The Netherlands and Belgium. Part of the revenue of this calendar will be donated to Brooke Hospital for Animals to increase the quality of life of the endangered animals. Horse and Hunk raised € 750 in 2013, € 1000 in 2014, € 1500 in 2016 and € 1750 in 2016 for Brooke hospital by selling their calendar.

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