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  • Horse and Hunk calendar 2023


    Horse and Hunk Calendar 2023

    Twelve chosen handsome men and horses. They certainly are tough. With their muscular torsos, the hunks are on a galloping horse over the beach with a foal or dragging a tree out of the woods. Who do you think is the most handsome?

  • Horse and Hunk calendar 2022


    Horse and Hunk calendar 2022!
    Twelve chosen hunks are shining on the Horse and Hunk calendar of 2022. These though muscular men are riding horses in gallop along the beach, hang aside of the horses or they command the horse to start prancing. Who do you think is the hottest hunk?

  • Horse and Hunk calendar 2021


    Horse and Hunk calendar 2021
    Are you also curious about the 2021 calendar? Order the calendar now with a discount and receive it first when it is launched in September 2020! We keep a secret for a moment about which handsome hunks and horses will be placed on it … but they are certainly handsome!

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Horse and Hunk kalender 2023